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Restore Your Smile With Lumineers®

Our Team | 09/13/2022

Lumineers can help you restore your smile as well as address multiple aesthetic dental issues at once.


Why It’s Important to Get a Back-to-School Dental Exam

Our Team | 08/23/2022

A dental exam and cleaning can give any kid the confidence and support they need heading into the school year.


How Can I Save a Knocked Out Tooth?

Our Team | 07/06/2022

You can save a knocked-out tooth by staying calm, adhering to the following advice, and contacting us as soon as possible.


How are My Teeth Prepared For Porcelain Veneers?

Our Team | 06/13/2022

You’ll need a thorough review of your teeth before receiving a porcelain veneer, including our team ensuring it is healthy enough for the treatment.


5 Signs That You May Need Emergency Dental Care

Our Team | 05/03/2022

You will require emergency dental care if you have intense dental pain or suspect a possible infection.


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Smile Makeover

Our Team | 04/14/2022

A smile makeover can boost how your teeth look, plus you may feel way more confident in your smile afterward.


How To Prevent Your Teeth From Turning Yellow While Using Invisalign® Aligners

Our Team | 03/16/2022

Invisalign aligners can correct your smile, but proper maintenance can prevent stains and yellowing teeth.


Are All-On-4® Implants a Long Term Solution to Tooth Loss?

Our Team | 02/23/2022

The All-On-4 dental implant solution is perfect for patients in Houston, TX with extensive tooth loss and decay.


How To Properly Care For Your Dental Crown

Our Team | 02/19/2022

A dental crown can restore your smile, but proper care is necessary to preserve its structure.


Get the Smile You Deserve With Invisalign® Treatment

Our Team | 02/15/2022

Invisalign can help resolve many problems with your smile in Houston, TX. You can learn from us about how Invisalign works for you.


How Can I Tell If I Have a Dental Emergency?

Our Team | 02/07/2022

Dental emergencies can occur at any point, so it's important to have a dentist that is available when you need emergency services most.


Can Snoring Damage A Person's Teeth?

Our Team | 01/28/2022

Snoring may negatively affect your mouth because snoring can cause dry-mouth symptoms, and saliva is important in keeping the mouth clean.


I Have Multiple Dental Problems. Can a Teeth Makeover Benefit Me?

Our Team | 01/21/2022

Through a teeth makeover, we could treat several different cosmetic dental issues and raise the health and beauty of your teeth.


Would a Fractured Tooth Be Considered a Dental Urgency?

Our Team | 01/14/2022

A cracked tooth would be regarded as an emergency oral problem and has to be observed by a quality dentist at your local dental location.


How Do I Know If Dental Implants are the Ideal Treatment for Missing Teeth?

Our Team | 01/07/2022

Implants are an excellent, natural-looking, and practical long-term solution for individuals who have one or several missing teeth.


A Few of the Hazards of Waiting a Long Time To Get a Dental Crown

Our Team | 12/31/2021

When you have a missing tooth, waiting to receive a replacement may result in numerous issues with your oral health.


A Few Perks of Flossing Your Teeth Once a Day

Our Team | 12/24/2021

Daily tooth-flossing is a simple way to maintain a clean mouth and help you avoid gum infections, like periodontitis and gingivitis.


Can One Experience Tooth Decay Even With Cosmetic Veneers?

Our Team | 12/17/2021

Patients can develop tooth decay with cosmetic veneers, but with yearly oral cleanings and a good upkeep routine, we may prevent them.


The Major Effects Using Tobacco has on the Teeth and Gums

Our Team | 12/10/2021

Poor habits like smoking have a damaging impact on someone's dental health and can cause a number of problems.


Reasons You Might Be Grinding Your Jaw and Ways to Treat It

Our Team | 11/26/2021

Bruxism commonly happens from stress, but dental providers can address the concern and help relieve pain.


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