5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Smile Makeover

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A smile makeover is an exciting procedure that can boost your smile’s appearance and improve your oral health. The makeover can include many of our dental services, including teeth whitening, veneers, bonding and contouring, and even orthodontic solutions through Invisalign® aligners.

At Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress of Houston, TX, we customize your smile makeover treatment plan to fit your goals and address your concerns. Here are five great reasons you should consider a smile makeover.

1. You can feel more confident about yourself through a smile makeover

You might not feel comfortable with your smile for many reasons, including discolored teeth or misshapen or missing teeth. Our teeth are often the first thing people notice, and smile makeover can help improve how your smile looks by concealing various embarrassing dental issues. Once complete, your new smile will be ready to shine and you’ll be ready to take on the day with confidence.

2. A smile makeover can address many problems at once

A smile makeover can correct many problems with how your teeth look, including situations where the teeth are discolored or you have excess gums that make your teeth look too small. It can also fix gaps and spaces around or between the teeth, or it can manage cases where the teeth are overlapping or are otherwise crowded. Let us know what you require at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, and we will find a treatment plan that fits your smile.

3. A smile makeover is more effective than OTC products

The problem with over-the-counter products that claim to boost how your smile appears is that they aren’t always effective. An OTC teeth whitening product may not be strong enough to give you the results you want, plus they are tough to use. We can provide a more effective approach for the professional teeth whitening procedures that produce stellar results.

4. Your smile makeover is designed just for you

During the planning phase of your smile makeover, our dentist can get a comprehensive review of your teeth through advanced 3D imaging and digital x-rays to address all of your dental needs. With state-of-the-art technology, we’ll customize a course of action designed for your mouth and find solutions to correct them. Whether it’s dental bonding or gum contouring or orthodontic care through Invisalign® aligners, you can receive help from us to correct your look.

5. A smile makeover is better for your oral health

Misshapen, poorly aligned, or otherwise unappealing teeth might not be easy for you to clean, which can lead to poor oral hygiene. Bacteria can develop in parts that aren’t easy to reach, plus you might be resigned to feeling you can’t control your teeth after a while. A smile makeover can provide the help necessary to make your teeth easier to clean, plus you will feel more motivated to care for your teeth following a makeover.

Schedule your smile makeover with us today!

A smile makeover will provide you with outstanding results that will help you look and feel your happiest. At Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress of Houston, TX, our dentists are highly trained to deliver outstanding results for your smile makeover. Visit our website to learn about our practice and the many dental services we have to offer.

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