Having A Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be The Best Way To Ease Dental Pain

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wisdom tooth extraction

Commonly provided for teens and adults in Houston, TX, wisdom tooth (also called third molar) extraction may be done for numerous reasons. Wisdom teeth often erupt from the gums during the teen years. Once we have completed a detailed oral exam at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX, our knowledgeable team can figure out whether or not you should have your wisdom teeth extracted.

A number of issues could lead to the demand for third molar extraction. A number of these include: impacted teeth, tooth decay, periodontal disease, or wisdom teeth coming in at the wrong angle. Oftentimes, a wisdom tooth without enough space to erupt will lead to impaction. This could lead to pain, infection, and different dental health issues, while increasing your risk of having a bacterial infection. In extreme cases, a growth can develop around unerupted wisdom teeth, leading to injury to the jaw or nerves.

If the final molars grow in at the wrong angle, this could result in the teeth pressing on different teeth and forcing them away from their usual placements. This can hurt other teeth and bone, as well as lead to bite changes. Another factor is that our jawbone may not have the area for these teeth. Whether or not it will stop future oral wellness problems, require immediate wisdom tooth removal, or if you merely need to alleviate the pain you’re already dealing with, wisdom tooth removal is a routine treatment that our talented staff constantly does for local individuals.

The professional team at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX is able to provide wisdom tooth removal surgery conveniently in our facility. Based on your dental health, you could only receive an anesthetic injection for your procedure; meanwhile, individuals who might have multiple wisdom teeth removed during the same appointment could have general anesthesia. When you're numb, the tissues by the extraction site are separated. In the case that any bone is blocking access to the tooth roots, it's taken away. In the case that the tooth is seriously impacted, it might be broken into pieces so it’s easier to take out. The opening is then carefully rid of any infection. When the tooth surgery is complete, the site is sutured. Gauze is positioned to cover the extraction region to help manage bleeding and foster clotting.

Oftentimes, individuals will notice a small amount of bleeding at the extraction area. This might be avoided by carefully biting on gauze pads. Recovery after wisdom tooth surgery might take around a handful of days to multiple weeks. Pain may be diminished by holding a cold compress on the face. On day two, you could begin to introduce warming relief solutions to relieve pain.

Within the first day after your extraction, it’s important to not remove any blood clots that may form. Clots occur in the areas that the teeth were extracted. Clotting is an essential aspect of the recovery process because they stop extra bleeding, protect your wound from disease and any vulnerable bones, and let new tissue form efficiently. Steer clear of rinsing the mouth, brushing by the removal site, sipping hot liquids, eating foods that necessitate chewing, using straws, and tobacco products for no less than 24 hours.

Visit us to discover more about your procedure alternatives if tooth pain is causing issues with your dental wellness. Our dental professionals at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX could help to determine if you require your wisdom teeth removed. Our team has diagnostic technology and approaches to discover the cause of your tooth pain. Enhance the look of your smile and integrity of your dental wellness today when you schedule a consultation at our Houston, TX practice.

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