The Ways Having a Dental Crown Could Enhance Your Oral Wellness

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Benefits Of A Dental Crown

When you're an adult, your smile should include 32 teeth (or 28 in the case that you've had your final molars removed). Although a concern with a single tooth might not feel like a big deal, it really can be. A single diseased tooth that doesn't get treated may impact all of your other teeth and gum tissues. A cracked tooth could affect the appeal of your grin. And just one missing tooth might impact the placement of all of your other teeth. Our highly trained dentists in Houston, TX typically offer dental crowns to fix, protect, or restore a single tooth.

At Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX, we provide ceramic or porcelain crowns that look and feel like your native teeth. Keep reading to learn about how dental crowns can be used, different types of crowns, and also what will happen if you have a crown placed.

Numerous factors may make your dentist recommend a crown. Custom crowns can offer protection and strength if a tooth is cracked, broken, or has a large dental cavity. A custom-made crown could also fill in a lost tooth or cover up discoloration to boost the look of your smile. You may require a crown in the event that you experience any of the following issues:

  • A cracked tooth
  • Following root canal therapy
  • Cosmetic enhancements to your teeth
  • Conceal a native tooth
  • Fill in a missing tooth

Depending on where the tooth is that's receiving the crown and how you would like your teeth to appear, a porcelain, ceramic, or metal crown might be your ideal option. In the event that you're replacing a lost tooth, you might also choose an implant-retained crown.

The instant you and your dental team have determined the sort of restoration you may have, your session will be scheduled. Typically, your dentist will need to file down a tiny amount of your natural tooth to create space for your dental crown. Doing this will allow it to fit on your tooth without leading to too much or not enough room for your other teeth. Once your enamel has been prepared, our dentist will take detailed x-rays and molds, which are used to craft your custom-made crown. A few Houston, TX dentists offer same-day ceramic or porcelain crowns, which are custom-designed and made in their office with state-of-the-art technology. Based on your dentist and the kind of dental crown you need, a one-day restoration may not be possible. In the event that your crown is being made at our dental lab, we may place a temporary crown over your tooth to conceal it. An implanted crown will also require more time because it requires about a quarter of to half a year for the titanium post to heal into your gums and bone so it is stable enough to attach to the crown.

As soon as your restoration is in place, you will have to ensure that it stays strong and healthy. Based on the design of the crown, our team may recommend special care, like certain cleaning products or more appointments. Generally, you should take care of your crown like your other teeth with twice daily brushing and flossing. While they are more stain-resistant in comparison to your native teeth, porcelain or ceramic crowns may have stains, so you should brush your teeth as soon as possible after smoking or drinking and eating things such as tea, coffee, or berries. It's advisable to not eat sticky or hard foods (for example, caramel or ice) to prevent breaking or pulling off your crown. If your restoration does fall out or breaks, contact your dentist to arrange a visit and request guidance on keeping your crown intact until you get there. You should also schedule appointments at your dentist in Houston, TX two times a year for an examination and cleanings. This will provide your dentist the opportunity to modify your crown, if needed, or let you know if it has to be fixed or replaced. When you practice proper care approaches, your dental crown can last for a long time.

In the event that you have a compromised, chipped, or lost tooth, talk to a dentist in Houston, TX about getting a customized dental crown. At Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX, we provide different crown types in addition to implant-retained crowns to match your unique needs and wants. Arrange a consultation at our office in Houston, TX to find out more regarding your choices and the way a crown can enhance your smile's appearance and health.

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