Why You Should Set Up a Back-to-School Dental Checkup for Your Child

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Yearly exams are critical for children because they might ingest sugary foods and drinks and might not always practice the most consistent cleaning methods. Additionally, a back-to-school oral exam might help stop problems before they form. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that over 50% of kids between 6 and 8 years old have suffered from a cavity in their primary teeth. But that figure is even increased for teenagers aged 12 to 19. By arranging a back-to-school exam, our knowledgeable staff can locate and fix these issues before they could lead to deterioration. Reach out to our team at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX in Houston, TX before the start of the school year.

Things our dental practitioners are looking for

Our compassionate, detail-oriented professionals will begin by going over your kid or teen's overall history and talk about any issues that may be resulting in pain. Then, they'll provide an in-depth evaluation for several existing dental complications. They will then evaluate the health of your gumline and the potential for gum disease. They might also examine the condition of each tooth to detect any decay or structural problems like breaks.

Our dental practitioners will also consider an all-encompassing position, examining the mouth as a whole to offer good oral alignment, room between teeth, and ideal jawbone mechanics. Also, when necessary, they will take a series of computerized x-rays to uncover any hard-to-find problems in the "hidden" areas between and at the roots of the teeth.

Reasons why it's important to book a back-to-school oral examination

Enamel decay is one of the most popular oral concerns for kids of many ages. If untreated, it could indicate the start of more severe problems later on. Our professionals will check the growth of your child's teeth to find out if your dental structures are progressing well to create a bright smile and proper tooth spacing and alignment. Additionally, decay can form and evolve very quickly and frequently without causing a few obvious signs. Therefore, these yearly check-ups are necessary to limit pain, troubles eating, and talking complications later on. If you bring your young one to our office for a back-to-school appointment, our experienced dentists can also perform other helpful procedures, such as a teeth cleaning.

Don't hesitate, call for a dental exam now and steer clear of the hassle

A healthy child or adolescent is more likely to find themselves happier, more self-assured, more enthusiastic about their studies, and not as likely to avoid classes. To get a brighter present and future for your kids, make it through the back-to-school rush and call our team at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, TX in Houston, TX.

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