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What Is a Root Canal?

If tooth decay is caught in the early stages, it is typically treated using a filling or another tooth restoration procedure. Once decay or bacteria reach the internal portion, or nerve center, of the tooth, infection occurs and the tooth needs to be treated using root canal therapy. A type of endodontic service, root canal therapy treats deep tooth infection, restoring the tooth to health and function and sealing it off to protect it from further damage. Without root canal therapy, the infected tooth is at risk of loss and the infection can spread throughout your body. Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress is pleased to offer expert root canal care for our patients.

Root canals have a bad reputation of being unpleasant experiences. These days, with the advanced treatment techniques and comfortable anesthetics available to our Houston, TX patients, a root canal is nothing to be feared. Do not put off your root canal therapy, as it may be necessary to save your tooth and protect your health. Our experienced professionals in Houston, TX use a gentle touch during root canals, and we can offer sedation dentistry options to help you have a relaxed and positive visit. Schedule your consultation with our dentist today to get information about receiving endodontics for an infected tooth and regaining a healthy smile.

What are the Signs a Root Canal is Needed?

Root canal therapy can sometimes be the most ideal treatment choice for a tooth. The signs a root canal is needed can be as follows:

  • A tooth is severely decayed
  • A tooth is injured
  • When the tooth is cracked
  • You have chronic tooth pain
  • You experience discomfort when eating
  • Once bacteria has entered the pulp chamber (internal nerve center)

The infection in the pulp chamber can travel through the root canals into the bone, causing jaw discomfort, damage, and other problems with your oral and general health. If you've been wondering, do I need a root canal? A consultation with our caring Made Ya Smile general dentist can get you on the road to recovery if you have a chronic toothache or have visible signs of severe tooth decay. For more information on how long a root canal will take or how to prepare for your root canal, contact our dental team.

What Is the Root Canal Process?

When you visit Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress for your root canal treatment consultation, we can discuss any fears or concerns of yours and decide on a sedation dentistry method best-suited to manage your anxiety if you would like. Nitrous oxide (laughing) gas is often used in cases of mild anxiety and oral-conscious sedation is chosen to manage more moderate dental fears. Our dentist understands that you may be nervous about receiving treatment and will let you know how your treatment is progressing throughout the process.

Before beginning your root canal therapy, we will thoroughly numb your tooth and jaw. Once you are completely numb and ready for us to begin, our dentist will open the tooth and remove any existing infected tissues from within the pulp all the way down into the roots of the tooth. We use special instruments to reshape the internal areas, before filling the tooth with a special material that helps to restore strength and function to your tooth. We cover the tooth with a temporary sedative filling that will stay in place while your tooth heals.

A root canal takes out the blood and nerve sources from your tooth, and after a root canal treatment, your tooth is more brittle and likely to break or fracture. Because of this, we may recommend a crown be placed after root canal therapy to protect your tooth and restore its structure and function.

Recovery After Root Canal Therapy

After your treatment, we will provide care instructions for your recovery following a root canal procedure. An adult will need to drive you home if you received oral-conscious sedation because you will be too drowsy to drive for a few hours until the effects wear off. Any post-op discomfort in your tooth or jaw can typically be managed with non-prescription anti-inflammatory medication. Our dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection in your tooth. A follow-up visit will be scheduled at our Houston, TX practice to let our team check in on your progress toward healing and confirm that the infection is resolved. It is also important to keep up with routine biannual cleaning and exam visits to maintain a healthy and comfortable smile.

Are Root Canals Covered by Insurance?

Your root canal therapy may be at least partly covered by your dental insurance. We will contact your provider to find out about your specific benefits before beginning your endodontic procedure. Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress accepts most PPO dental insurance plans and offers solutions to help you maximize your benefits and fit your treatment in your budget if you have personal expenses. A range of payment options are available and we can provide information on low-cost financing through CareCredit® to cover your treatment costs.

Root Canal Therapy FAQ

Do root canals hurt?
Because of advances in dental technology and sedation dentistry, your root canal should not hurt any more than a tooth filling. Your comfort is one of our top priorities.

What are the alternatives to a root canal?
When you have a root canal infection, the only solution other than extracting the infected tooth is root canal therapy. We always suggest trying to save the tooth when possible because gaps in the teeth can cause major problems down the road.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal?
Recovering from a root canal typically only takes a few days. Our dental team in Houston, TX will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions for optimal healing. Of course, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Root Canal Therapy FAQ

Is a root canal procedure painful?
Advances in dental technology make root canal therapy feel similar to a regular tooth filling. You shouldn't feel significant discomfort, and your tooth will get numbed before the procedure starts to ensure you're comfortable.

How long is root canal recovery?
Recovery from root canal treatment should take just a few days. During your consultation with root canal treatment, we'll provide aftercare instructions to help you optimally heal. Please ask our dental team if you have specific questions regarding recovery from your root canal in Houston, TX.

Are there alternatives to a root canal?
The main alternative to a root canal is tooth extraction. It's recommended to save the tooth with root canal therapy when possible, as a missing tooth can cause more significant dental issues.

Modern Endodontic Treatment

Advancements in technology and sedation dentistry has vastly improved the root canal treatment experience. Our dentist and the Made Ya Smile team are pleased to provide the latest in care to give you a comfortable, and even pleasant, root canal experience. Opting for a root canal may save infected your infected or damaged tooth from extraction and keep it from affecting your general health. If you have tooth pain, a discolored tooth, or other concerning symptoms, reach out to our Houston, TX office to schedule an evaluation with our friendly team and get on your way to a healthy, comfortable smile.

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