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When you have excess gum tissue in the front of the mouth, your teeth may look short and you may have a "gummy" smile appearance. At Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, we can enhance the look of your smile with cosmetic sculpting and reshaping to balance the gumline. This procedure can improve oral function when excess gum tissue blocks the restoration of a tooth that has damage or decay around the gums. In this process, excess gum (and sometimes bone) tissue is removed from around the teeth and the gums are reshaped to leave you with gorgeous, healthy results. If you would like to improve the look of your gumline with a cosmetic gum contouring procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tiffany Campbell at our Houston, TX family practice today.

Best Candidates

If you have a disproportionate amount of gum tissue compared to tooth structure in your smile zone, a gum contouring procedure may be the optimal solution for your smile. Also known as crown lengthening, gum contouring removes excess or overgrown gum tissue to reveal more tooth enamel and carefully shapes the gumline to frame your teeth and give your smile a more balanced look. Gum contouring can support restorative procedures when gum or bone tissue keeps our dentists from treating and restoring a damaged tooth. In the case of damage around the gumline, removing excess gum tissue lets our team gain access to the damaged area and place a filling or crown to return the tooth to full function. Gum contouring can also improve gum health by reducing the spaces, or pockets, under the gums where bacteria can hide and cause damage to your teeth. Genetics, certain medications, orthodontic treatment, or gum disease can all contribute to overgrown gum tissue.

What to Expect

We put your comfort first at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, so to begin, your gum tissues will be numbed using a local anesthetic and sedation dentistry is available to support your comfort and minimize your anxiety as well. When you are ready, we will use advanced instruments to skillfully and gently remove and sculpt the gum tissues surrounding your teeth and carefully reshape the gumline to give you a more attractive and balanced appearance. By raising the gumline on the upper teeth and lowering the gumline on the lower teeth, gum contouring can leave you with a wider, more balanced smile. It typically takes just one appointment to complete gum contouring, and instructions will be given to you on how to care for your gums during your recovery directly after your procedure.


Minor discomfort or gum tenderness may occur after your procedure and can usually be reduced with non-prescription pain medication. A follow-up visit will be scheduled if we used sutures to complete your gummy smile treatment, so we can remove them. It is best to continue with excellent daily brushing and flossing and other good oral hygiene habits at home to support the health of your new gumline. When you come to our office for your routine cleaning and exam visits, our Houston, TX team will monitor your gumline and give you tips on how to keep your smile looking great into the future.

Insurance Coverage

We accept most PPO dental insurance plans at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress. Gum contouring procedures may be covered by your insurance and to find out, our business team will contact your provider. We will calculate any personal expenses before we begin your treatment and go over them with you. Several payment methods are available for your convenience and to help make it easier to afford good oral health care. Low- or no-interest financing options can also be used to help cover the cost of your dental care.

Gum Contouring

You can achieve a balanced, healthier grin through cosmetic gum contouring and reshaping. This treatment for gummy smiles can remove excess gum tissue in order to expose more of the underlying tooth structure. With functional benefits, gum contouring can also make it possible to perform restorative procedures and lower the risk of gum infections. Lift your smile for a greater cosmetic appeal or move forward with needed restorative work by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Campbell at Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress. The team at our Houston, TX practice is here for you to help you enhance your confidence and improve your oral health through effective treatment options.

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