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What Is a Tooth-Colored (Composite) Filling?

When you experience a cavity or tooth decay, it weakens the structure of your natural teeth. Patients of all ages experience this common oral condition that occurs when acid from certain types of oral bacteria damages the protective enamel on a tooth. At Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress, our skilled dentist relies on composite resin fillings to treat and restore cavities. Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored and create a strong, durable fix for minor fractures or chips on teeth that blend beautifully with the surrounding tooth structure.

Amalgam (silver) fillings have fallen out of use since the implementation of composite tooth-colored fillings. Composite fillings more effectively bond with the teeth and do not carry the health risks that come with amalgam fillings. As a more conservative approach, composite also requires that less of your tooth structure is removed before it is placed. For cavities and mild to moderate tooth damage, composite fillings may be the ideal solution. It is also possible for our dentist to replace old amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite to give your smile a new, seamless appearance. Reach out to our Houston, TX family practice today and find out if composite fillings are right for your family.

When Are Composite Dental Fillings Recommended?

Whether you need a composite resin filling in your back or front teeth, this solution can be a strong, smooth option for your smile. Great for treating minor to moderate tooth decay and damage, these tooth-colored fillings can effectively restore functionality and a streamlined appearance. These fillings work by rebuilding tooth structure and boosting strength in locations where tooth damage has occurred. With composite resin fillings, less tooth enamel and structure needs to be removed than is traditionally required with amalgam fillings. This simpler procedure can benefit children, teens, and adults who need care for tooth decay or damage.

Candidates for tooth-colored composite fillings have tooth decay, worn tooth enamel or uneven biting edges, or chipped or fractured teeth. These fillings can be a cosmetic procedure used to replace old amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite for a more aesthetically pleasing look. As a strong, durable material, this filling not only supports great smile structure, it can be shaded to match the color of your natural enamel. Our dentist will polish the composite after placing it to give it a smooth feel and seamless appearance.

How Are Composite Resin Fillings Placed?

Usually, we only need a quick, single visit to place a composite filling. We are dedicated to ensuring your comfort as we provide high-quality care for your whole family. With our easy chairside manner and gentle touch, we also offer sedation dentistry for those who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist and take special care with our young patients to put them at ease. Our dentist will begin the procedure by numbing the tooth with local anesthetics. We will use advanced dental equipment to get rid of the damaged or decayed tooth structure prior to rinsing and drying the tooth. The right shade of composite to match your enamel will be chosen and layered within your tooth. A special curing light will then set the filling by hardening the material in its place. Finally, we will polish your filling to give it a smooth look and feel and make sure it feels comfortable, making any adjustments to the fit as needed.

Composite Dental Fillings Aftercare and Recovery

Instructions on how to care for your new composite resin filling will be given to you once your procedure is complete. You are free to drive and return to your normal activities, unless you received oral-conscious sedation. We advise that you wait to eat until the feeling completely returns to your tongue, cheeks, and lips to avoid damaging the soft tissue in your mouth. Many people experience some temperature sensitivity for a few days following a filling placement. Call us to let us know if your bite feels high or tooth sensitivity does not resolve. We can take steps to ensure you receive any adjustments or support as needed. It is important to care for your filling by brushing and flossing daily, and maintaining your bi-annual cleaning and exam visits at Made Ya Smile, so we can monitor your filling and make sure it continues to serve your smile.

Does Insurance Cover Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings?

As a restorative procedure, composite resin fillings are typically covered in part by most dental insurance plans when decay or damage is present. A member of the Made Ya Smile Spring Cypress team will contact your insurer to review your coverage. We happily accept most PPO plans and work with you to maximize your insurance benefits for your oral health. To cover out-of-pocket costs, we can talk with you about our convenient payment options, including low- or no-interest financing plans through CareCredit®.

Natural-Looking Composite Restorations

Minor to moderate damage on a tooth can typically be treated simply with a tooth-colored composite filling. Early treatment for damaged or decayed teeth can help minimize the need for more extensive treatment down the road. A strong, durable, and highly aesthetic treatment option, composite resin fillings also blend with your enamel shade and let our dentist take a more conservative approach to your oral health care. For cavities or chipped teeth, call our Houston, TX family practice today to schedule a consultation for you or your family.

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